Nobody really knows exactly how to use SARMs for human consumption because technically they should not be used by a human.  So-called SARM experts and self-proclaimed experts get their recommendation from the small number of studies that they find online.  Additionally, because SARMS have been around for so long, people are slowly but surely discovering what is working for people that have used them.

Click on each SARM profile below to see what amounts people are using.

Many people ask me, “What selective androgen receptor modulator would you take if you were to personally use them?”  That is a very tough question because the data is so limited and any information you do find on the internet is bro-science and people are just guessing and assuming.  First, let me say this, NEVER start taking SARMs without first asking your doctor.  That is the smart and intelligent thing to do.  Maybe he could at least prescribe you something like Clomid or Nolvadex to combat the estrogenic side effects.  I base my choice on the best and worst SARMs on safety.  The least androgenic a SARM is the better.  However, what’s the point in using a SARM if you are not going to see any results?

  1. YK11.  This is my top choice because not only is it a SARM but it is a myostatin inhibitor as well.  Two for one.
  2. RAD 140.  The most anabolic in my opinion
  3. Ligandrol.  Seems to be the safest to use.  Reminds me of Primobolan
  4. Ostarine.  Good gains
  5. Cardarine.  Not sure about this one
  6. S4.  I’ve seen some things about the most side effects happening from the use of this SARM, so I would put this SARM as the worst.

Stacking SARMs is purely experimental.  I would not recommend stacking SARMs.

Females can use SARMs but just like anabolic steroids, females will experience more side effects than men.  The benefit of SARMs use is that they do not have strong androgenic effects as anabolic steroids.  That is why they appeal to so many.  However, do not think that if you’re a female that you will avoid androgenic side effects.  Deepening of the voice, extra hair growth, and acne is some of the common side effects that can occur with the use of SARMs.  Post cycle therapy supplements are recommended after SARM use.

SARMs are drugs, they are not supplements and because of this simple fact, one should be wary that they could pose potential safety risks.  SARMs have similar side effects like anabolic steroids, but looking at the studies they are far less severe.  Because the research studies on SARMS are far and few in between.  I have found some research studies that mentioned some side effects.

Post cycle therapy typically means helping the body get back to its normal hormonal production after using SARMs.  The body wishes to remain the same, and by introducing SARMs into your system the body will begin to shut down its own natural production of testosterone and increase its own estrogen levels.  Once discontinuing SARMS, the body simply does not automatically and rapidly start to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen.  It does go back to normal levels,  but it gradually takes it time.  By using post cycle supplements, you can help support this process.  One product is called arimistane.   Arimistante is pretty effective and is probably my choice for post cycle supplements.  After that you have a wide variety of post cycle supplements you can find here.

SARMs can easily be found on the internet with a simple Google Search, but I have made this clear over and over again that the SARMs business is a complete grey market.  Any Joe Schmo can start selling SARMS by simply ordering them from a dealer in China, ordering some bottles, caps, and labels and bingo, you have yourself a SARMs distribution business.  The problem is which company has purchases the best SARMs products.  The ONLY way to know is the company that is selling them BEFORE they sell them to you, bottles them up and ships them off to be 3rd party lab tested.  This is completely different than a certificate of analysis (C of A).  A C of A does not count.  It is worthless.  Only a 3rd party lab analysis is proof.  It’s like I told you I had a million dollars in my bank account, the only TRUE way to prove it is to show you my bank statement or my bitcoin wallet.    The paperwork has to be there.   My current recommendation is Spectre Labs.

In conclusion, I want to make it clear that SARMs are drugs, they are not supplements.  They are powerful drugs as well and they could have side effects.  Remember to think twice about buying SARMS and using them to increase muscle mass.  I would suggest reading my SARMs review pages because it will give you people’s experiences with them.