How To Pay

Paying Thru Zelle

1. Make sure you are enrolled with Zelle with your bank or download the Zelle App on your phone


2. Minimum order with Zelle is 100 dollars


3. We do not work with the following banks

a. Fifth Third Bank
b. First Tennessee Bank


4. PLEASE ROUND DOWN your payment, so if it’s 230.33 please ROUND DOWN to 230.


5. After you have sent, please email us a screenshot of the payment with the confirmation number at


6. Please use the following Zelle:


Please send Zelle to

Send Payment To:
Company name: JUNKNSHIP


 *Fill in the fields

What is your email/phone number associated with Zelle?:

Confirmation Number:
refer to image below..
Paying Thru Bitcoin/Crypto

1. On the checkout page, there is an option or checkbox for the crypto/bitcoin option

2. Checked on the agreement terms then click place order.

3. Scan to QRCODE on your phone to your bitcoin/crypto app to send/make the payment.

3. Now your order will be on hold as it awaits for your payment once its done.. you should be able to see email of the receipt.

4. Then we fulfill your order for shipping..