MK-2866 (OSTARINE) 15mg

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MK-2866 15mg
Usage: 1-2 capsules
Capsules per container: 90
Amount per capsule: (15mg)
Half life: 24 hours

  • selective anabolic action towards muscle and bone tissues
  • increase of the organism’s metabolic function
  • increase of bone density and reduction of fractures’ risk
  • A major reduction in fat ratio.
  • Improvement in muscle mass.
  • Pumps up testosterone.
  • Visible reduction in body fat.
  • Faster recovery between trainings.


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Ostarine is orally bioavailable, for the treatment of muscle wasting and osteoporosis. Clinical tests prove the potential of this compound for the treatment of skeletal muscle deficiency: breast cancer, urinary issues, cell-lung cancer, and cancer-related issues. People are advised to take a dose of 10mg to 30 mg for 12 weeks to ensure excellent results

  • .1st gen SARM, very common, very versatile. Moderate, consistent effects on muscle and strength gains. “Injury assist” SARM with positive effects on bone, ligaments, tendons.
  • Higher bone density.
  • extremely anabolic

7 reviews for MK-2866 (OSTARINE) 15mg

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    It’s good! Great value for $60 price get 50% more product then my previous favorite vendor. Shipped quick and pill form is always more enjoyable then the liquid.

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    I love it! Great product and high quality

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    Shipping was really fast. Been using it for around 4 months now, exactly as advertised.

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    hesitated first, but really glad I bought. Shipping was fast. First weeks in and I am already noticing a difference.

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    Really working well

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