SR-9009 (STENABOLIC) (20 mg)| 90 capsules/bottle

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SR-9009 20mg
Capsule per container: 90
Amount per capsule: ( 20mg)
Half life: 4 hours

Not intended for human consumption. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase.

These Statements have not been evaluated by FDA. this product is note intended to cure, prevent treat or diagnose an disease.

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Product Description

SR-9009 (STENABOLIC) 1800 mg total

Stenabolic, commonly known as SR-9009, is a synthetic substance that is frequently promoted as a “fat-burning” supplement. It is crucial to note, however, that SR-9009 has not been authorized by the FDA for any medical or therapeutic application, and its safety and efficacy for weight reduction in people have not been thoroughly investigated.

How does it work?

The synthetic chemical SR-9009, also known as Stenabolic, has been demonstrated to activate a protein called Rev-ErbA. This protein regulates the metabolism of the organism, including the metabolism of glucose, fatty acids, and cholesterol.

SR-9009 is thought to improve the body’s metabolic rate and energy expenditure by activating Rev-ErbA, resulting in greater fat burning and possibly weight reduction. It may also enhance insulin sensitivity, which can aid in the regulation of blood sugar levels and the prevention of fat buildup in the body.


The optimum SR-9009 dose may vary depending on a number of factors, including age, weight, overall health, and other individual considerations. Furthermore, because SR-9009 is not an FDA-approved medicine, there is no set dose.

Some supplement makers, however, advocate a daily dose range of 10 to 30 milligrammes split into two or three doses. To measure tolerance and minimise potential adverse effects, it is important to begin with a smaller dosage and gradually raise it. It is also advised to cycle the usage of SR-9009, taking it for a few weeks and then taking a comparable amount of time off before resuming use.

Benefits Of SR-9009 1800mg:

SR-9009 is frequently offered as a supplement with a number of possible advantages, including:

  1. Accelerated metabolic rate: It is thought that SR-9009 activates a protein called Rev-ErbA, which regulates the body’s metabolism. SR-9009 may help the body burn more calories and maybe improve weight reduction by raising the metabolic rate.
  2. Increased endurance: Animal studies indicate that SR-9009 may boost endurance by increasing the formation of mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles found within cells.

Side Effects

While most studies have been done on animals, there is little evidence on the safety and side effects of SR-9009 in people. Nevertheless, based on animal research and user accounts, some possible SR-9009 adverse effects include:

  1. Sleep disturbances: Some SR-9009 users have experienced problems sleeping or sleeplessness after using the medication.
  2. Nausea and gastrointestinal distress: Some users of SR-9009 may have stomach discomfort, nausea, or diarrhoea.
  3. Some people have complained of headaches after using SR-9009.
  4. Cancer risk: According to one animal research, excessive doses of SR-9009 may raise the risk of some forms of cancer.

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