YK-11 (5mg) | 90 capsules/bottle

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YK-11: 5mg
Capsule per container: 90
Amount per capsule: 5mg
Half life: 6-10 hours

Not intended for human consumption. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase.

These Statements have not been evaluated by FDA. this product is note intended to cure, prevent treat or diagnose an disease.

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Product Description

YK-11 450mg 

YK-11 450mg is a steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is frequently marketed as a muscle-building supplement. It is thought to function by boosting the activation of the androgen receptor in muscle cells, resulting in greater muscular development and strength.

How does it work?

YK-11 is thought to function by specifically interacting with the androgen receptor in muscle cells, increasing protein synthesis and promoting muscular development. Sarms for sale  is also considered to activate the follistatin gene, which has the potential to enhance muscle mass by blocking myostatin, a protein that restricts muscle development.

Moreover, yk11 Sarm for sale has been demonstrated to boost the protein insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which is vital in muscle growth and development. Nevertheless, the precise methods by which YK-11 functions are unknown, and further study is required to better understand its effects on the body.


The 450mg YK-11 dose is much more than the standard 5-15mg per day suggested dosage. It is vital to highlight that the safety and long-term implications of taking such large doses of YK-11 are unclear due to a lack of research on its effects.

YK-11 (450 mg total) Benefits

YK11 for sale is frequently marketed as a muscle-building supplement with a variety of possible advantages, including:

  1. Muscle growth:

    Yk11 Sarm has been demonstrated to enhance muscle mass and strength, which may be useful for athletes or bodybuilders trying to improve their physical performance.

  2. YK-11 may assist to promote bone health by improving bone density and lowering the risk of osteoporosis, according to some studies.
  3. YK-11 may assist to boost endurance and minimize fatigue during exercise, allowing people to train for longer periods of time and perhaps achieve greater outcomes.

YK-11 450mg  Side Effects

While there has been little human research on the effects of yk11 Sarm for sale, certain possible adverse effects have been described. These are some examples:

  1. Testosterone suppression: YK-11 may inhibit the body’s natural testosterone production, resulting in hormonal imbalances and severe consequences on sexual function and fertility.
  2. YK-11 has been demonstrated to have harmful effects on liver cells in vitro, although it is unclear if this translates to in vivo consequences in humans.
  3. Cardiovascular difficulties: Although additional study is needed to establish this, YK-11 may raise the risk of cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure and heart disease.
  4. Additional potential adverse effects of YK-11 include hair loss, acne, and mood disturbances.
  5. heightened potential for liver illness

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