Melanotan II 10mg

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Weight: 0.0099 lbs
Appearance: Fine White Lyophilized Powder
Residue Sequence: Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH2
Solubility: 100 µg/mL sterile diluent (distilled de-ionized water)
Source: Biosynthetic production
Stability: Lyophilized protein is to be stored at -20°C. It is recommended to divide the remaining reconstituted peptide into multiple vials so as to avoid a cycle of freezing and thawing. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4°C.
Molar Mass: 1024.18 g/mol
CAS Number: 121062-08-6
PubChem: CID 92432
Molecular Formula: C50H69N15O9
MG: 10mg
Terms: This product is sold for research/laboratory usage only. No other uses are permitted.

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Product Description

Melanotan II 10mg

Melanotan II is a man-made peptide hormone that shares structural similarities with the hormone known as melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH), which is in charge of promoting the formation of melanin in the skin. Sarms for sale have been investigated for their ability to boost tanning and lower the danger of skin damage from exposure to the sun.

How does it works

Melanotan II functions by promoting the body’s synthesis of melanin. The pigment called melanin is what gives the skin, hair, and eyes their color. The skin’s melanocortin receptors attach to Melanotan II when it is applied, signaling the body to make more melanin.

Buy Melanotan ii which is frequently employed as a tanning agent since it can cause a darker skin tone because melanin synthesis can be boosted. Moreover, melanin aids in defending the skin from UV ray damage from the sun, which can result in sunburn, aging skin, and skin cancer. As a result, some people use Melanotan II to lessen their chance of developing skin cancer from exposure to the sun.

Melanotan ii Dose

Depending on a person’s body weight, skin type, and desired results, the right dose of Melanotan II may differ. Always adhere to the dosage recommendations made by a medical practitioner or the product’s manufacturer.

As a result, the first dose of Melanotan II is usually injected and ranges from 0.25 to 0.5 mg daily. The amount can be progressively raised to a maximum of about 1-1.5 mg per day, but it’s crucial to never go beyond the advised dosage because doing so increases the chance of negative effects.


Many possible advantages of using Melanotan II 10mg have been researched, including:

  1. Melanotan II can promote the body’s synthesis of melanin, giving the skin a darker tone. Without the need for prolonged sun exposure, which raises the risk of skin damage, this can provide a tan that looks natural.
  2. Melanotan II 10mg also aids in defending the skin from sun damage brought on by UV rays. Melanotan II may lessen the risk of skin cancer, premature aging, and sunburn by boosting melanin synthesis.

Side Effects

The possible negative effects of Melanotan II, like those of any drug or substance, might differ from person to person and from dose to dose. The following are a few possible Melanotan II adverse effects:

  1. nausea and diarrhea
  2. flushing of the face
  3. higher appetite
  4. Dizziness
  5. freckles or moles becoming darker

Where to buy Melanotan II 10mg

Buy Sarms Online from our spectra lab. Buy Melanotan II 10mg which is in charge of promoting the formation of melanin in the skin and sunburn by boosting melanin synthesis. Highly recommended.