PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg

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Weight: 0.0099 lbs
Appearance: Fine White Lyophilized Powder
Residue Sequence: Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-OH
Solubility: 100 µg/mL sterile diluent (distilled de-ionized water)
Source: Biosynthetic production
Stability: Lyophilized protein is to be stored at -20°C. It is recommended to divide the remaining reconstituted peptide into multiple vials so as to avoid a cycle of freezing and thawing. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4°C.
Molar Mass: 1025.2 g/mol
CAS Number: 189691-06-3
PubChem: CID 9941379
Molecular Formula: C50H68N14O10
MG: 10mg
Terms: This product is sold for research/laboratory usage only. No other uses are permitted.

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Product Description

Pt 141 peptide for sale

A synthetic peptide called PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is being studied as a potential therapy for sexual dysfunction. Being a melanocortin agonist, it stimulates the brain’s melanocortin receptors. The arousal and desire for sexual activity may rise as a result of this stimulation.

How does it works?

Bremelanotide, also known as PT-141, operates by triggering the brain’s melanocortin receptors, which are involved in controlling a number of physiological functions, including arousal and sexual desire. The hypothalamus, a region of the brain that regulates motivation and sexual behavior, has the MC4R (melanocortin 4 receptor), which is specifically activated by PT-141.

Dopamine and norepinephrine are two neurotransmitters that are released as a result of PT-141 activating the MC4R and are linked to heightened sexual arousal and desire. Other medications for sexual dysfunction, such as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (such as Viagra), primarily function by boosting blood flow to the genitals, vary from this one in their mode of action.


A subcutaneous injection of 10mg of PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is often used to treat sexual dysfunction. Usually, this dose is administered 45 minutes or so before engaging in sexual activity.The ideal dosage, however, may change according to individual characteristics including age, weight, and general health. It’s critical to adhere to your healthcare provider’s dose recommendations and avoid going beyond.


The following are some PT-141 possible advantages:

  1. Increased sexual desire and arousal can result from PT-141’s activation of the brain’s melanocortin receptors, which is how it works.
  2. Enhancement of sexual function: In clinical studies, PT-141 was found to enhance several facets of sexual function, including the frequency of sexual activity, sexual satisfaction, and the capacity to obtain and sustain an erection.
  3. Possibility for usage in both men and women: PT-141 has been tested on both sexes and may be a therapy option for those who experience sexual dysfunction, regardless of gender.

Side Effects

Clinical trials frequently report the following negative effects among others:

  1. Headache 
  2. Nausea
  3. adverse injection site responses including pain, or redness
  4. Dizziness
  5. Vomiting 
  6. Fatigue

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