Selank 5mg

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Appearance: Lyophilized Powder
Amino Sequence: Thr-Lys-Pro-Arg-Pro-Gly-Pro
Solubility: 100 µg/mL sterile diluent
Source: Biosynthetic production
Stability: Lyophilized protein is to be stored at -20°C.
It is recommended to divide the remaining reconstituted peptide into multiple vials
so as to avoid a cycle of freezing and thawing. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4°C.
Molar Mass: 751.9 g/mol
CAS Number: 129954-34-3
PubChem: CID 11765600
Molecular Formula: C33H57N11O9
MG: 5 MG
Terms: This product is sold for research/laboratory usage only. No other uses are permited.

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Product Description

 What is Selank ?

A synthetic peptide called Selank is thought to have nootropic (cognitive-improving) and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties. Sarms for sale are frequently offered as a lyophilized powder in 5mg vials, and before use, they can be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water.

How does it work?

Selank Peptide is thought to function in the neuropeptide system in the brain, while its precise mode of action is still unknown. Dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine are three neurotransmitters that are involved in mood regulation and cognitive function. Selank is hypothesized to increase the activity of these neurotransmitters.

BDNF, a protein that supports the survival and proliferation of brain neurons, is thought to be expressed more frequently when Selank is present. This might be a factor in Selank’s purported benefits on cognitive function. Selank is also believed to influence the immune system and may have anti-inflammatory properties, both of which might be advantageous for a variety of illnesses.

Selank Dosage

The recommended Selank dose might change based on the user and the intended application. The typical dosing range for Selank, however, is 250–500 mcg (micrograms) per day, split into two or three smaller doses. Selank Dosage is commonly given as an injection subcutaneously (under the skin), although it can also be taken orally (through the nose). To avoid discomfort or inflammation, the injection site should be rotated.

Selank should only be used with caution and under the supervision of a healthcare provider because the ideal dosage and route of administration have not yet been completely determined via clinical trials.

Selank 5mg Benefits:

These are a few of the alleged advantages of selank:

  1. Selank benefits are thought to have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, which may be advantageous for those with anxiety disorders.
  2. Improvement of cognitive function: Selank is hypothesized to have nootropic effects that might improve learning, memory, and attention.
  3. Selank benefits may contain anti-inflammatory properties, which may be advantageous for treating a variety of illnesses.

Side Effects

The following are a few possible negative effects of Selank:

  1. Selank is normally injected under the skin, which can occasionally result in local inflammation, redness, or edema at the injection site.
  2. Headache: A side effect of using Selank for some people may be headaches.
  3. Dizziness or lightheadedness: Some people who use selank may experience dizziness or lightheadedness.

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